Alexandria University International Conference Series on Technology

Welcome to Alexanria University International Conference Series in the field of technology. This website currenly has two conference series:

International Conference on ICT in our lives


International Conference: Alexandria Pedagogical Innovation and Technology Enhanced Learning

Alexandria Pedagogical Innovation and Technology Enhanced Learning

The Egyptian Administration declared 2019 the year of Education. In parallel to this, Alexandria University pioneered creating the first Pedagogical Innovation Unit in Egyptian Higher Education Institutions. Alexandria University has also declared starting a transformation into a Student Centered University; a decision that involves reviewing pedagogical strategies, policies and practices. This conference aims at gathering researchers, experts and practitioners who are practicing and promoting pedagogical innovations; and who are modeling, designing, prototyping, implementing and evaluating Technology Enhanced Learning solutions in higher education. Research papers, system descriptions, demonstrations and tutorials are all highly welcome. Special appreciation and attention are dedicated to proposals that emphasize the crucial role of Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering and Emerging Technologies, in general, in designing and building Technology Enhanced Learning systems and tools to serve the Student Centered University Objective. The conference will be held every year in October.

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International Conference on ICT in our lives

ICT in Our Lives International Confernece

ISSN  2314-8942

Every December, Alexandria, Egypt

ICT in Our Lives 2019 will be held from 21st to 23rd of December

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